Vue.js 与 Bootstrap 的快速集成实现 Bootstrap-vue | 软件推介

2017-12-21 08:30:00 开源中国

使用 Vue.js 和世界上最流行的前端 CSS 库 — Bootstrap V4 在 Web 上构建响应式,移动优先项目。 




Bootstrap-Vue 为 Vue.js 2.4+ 提供了 Bootstrap V4 组件和最全面的网格系统的实现,它具有广泛的自动化 WAI-ARIA 辅助功能标记。




v1.4.0 发布


  • 下拉菜单:使用非反应性属性来存储popper.js实例(#1416)(379d9a8)

  • 在函数组件渲染函数中评估 slots() (#1438)(3c42477)

Bug 修复:

  • button: allow custom size classes to be passed to the size prop (#1389) (41a46b2)

  • carousel: clear timers on beforeDestroy (fa1c083)

  • carousel: remove un-needed aria- atribute on slides (#1448) (260919f)

  • carousel: uncaught typeerror on empty slides. (#1401) (cadae79)

  • dropdown: use class position-static instead of inline style (#1451) (fc49325)

  • dropdowns: prevent memory leak on destroy (#1392) (839418e), closes #1391

  • form-group: import b-form-row directly from layout (8dcce39)

  • form-radio-group: prepare for bootstrap V4.beta.3 (39eb237)

  • form-radio-group: prepare for bootstrap V4.beta.3 (5b659d1)

  • id mixin: set prop type to String (9a6eaa5)

  • list-group: disabled button items (#1444) (c037b38)

  • modal: rounded-top class no longer needed when header variant applied (#1433) (ecf1bf5)

  • modal: update centered modal margins to align with BSV4.beta.3 update (f7e80a8)

  • table: better custom css specificity for when nesting tables (7acccb9)

  • table: correct fixd-top row scoped slot properties (debf8e2)

  • table: initial busy of true always makes table busy (#1400) (029e4d0), closes #1398

  • detach clickout listener in beforeDestroy (b290cad)

  • table: use stable sort algorithm to prevent SSR issues (#1399) (21b33f2)

  • tooltip+popover: auto-append to .modal-content instead of .modal (#1465) (b53715c), closes #1464

  • remove listenOnRoot handlers in beforeDestroy (e594490)

  • SFC transpilation in es buld (#1410) (3ef9572)


  • dropdowns: add boundary prop for controlling placement constraint (#1440) (01498cb)

  • form-group: new label-size prop (b8311e5)

  • form-group: new label-size prop (#1422) (dcffb5c)

  • form-group: new prop for label-class, deprecate prop feedback in favor of invalid-feedback (#1412) (44f13a5)

  • form-group: render label element if prop label-for set + horizontal layout optimizations (#1423) (ce164bf)

  • form-group: set aria-describedby attribute on input if label-for provided (#1431) (6bd12bb)

  • modal: new props for adding classes to header, body and footer (#1462) (bc67a2d)

  • pagination+pagination-nav: remove need for custom active focus style (#1384) (ecd9b6a)

  • table: add responsive stacked table option (#1407) (26c35ba)

  • table: add toggleDetails method to scoped item slots (#1404) (e02fa49)

  • tabs: add name to helper component for better debugging (e436a1d)

  • tabs: add no-body prop to b-tab (#1385) (af36c0e)

  • tooltip+popover: add boundary element config option (positioning constraint) (#1439) (08fd7ce)

  • tooltip+popover: programmatically disable/enable tooltip or popover (#1387) (c83e0d5)

  • v-b-modal: set role="button" if trigger element is not a button (aa45d3e)

  • v-b-toggle: add role 'button' when trigger is not a button (c2dd2d0)






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